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Fandoms Unite for Chibitoaster
fans4fans_mod wrote in fans4fans
This thread will be for chibitoaster

The gofundme for chibitoaster.

How this will work:

Artists/Podficcers/Authors/Crafters/Anyone who is willing to give will post a comment detailing what they will auction off for chibitoaster. All those auctioning will set their prices for the works they are willing to offer.

For example:

Podficcers might charge to podfic a fic for fifty-cents an minute of a completed podfic.
Artists might charge a minimum of 5 dollar for their hour.
Authors might charge a dollar a word.
So on and so forth.

I'm not about to tell you what your price should be, nor am I telling anyone they have to bid. And later the details can be more finely tuned, but this is an urgent matter for chibitoaster and the faster we begin the faster we can save her. For the next fan I will have this a little more sorted.

All negotiations for the works being auctioned are the responsibility of the one auctioning their work and of the one buying the work. The mods of this comm are not here to oppress the comm with copious amounts of rules. Donations must be given to the go fund me link please don't donate anonymously so that the person creating your work will know that you have indeed paid. This is to benefit a person in need.

We will create a collection on AO3 for those who wish to share their works for everyone to see/read/hear/etc., and in the notes we only ask that you put who the charity benefited into the notes and even that is not a requirement. Mostly, this struck me and I thought I need to help this person. We are not powerless, as fans, and if we can help one of our own I feel we should.

CrazyParaKiss Auctioning fic

I will write anything EXCEPT pedophilia (I won't go there, not for thousands).

My fandoms are Teen Wolf, Avengers (the movies), Harry Potter, and Supernatural.

50 bucks for a 25,000 fic minimum.
25 bucks for a 10,000 fic mimimum.

I will offer up four fics for this cause!

Re: CrazyParaKiss Auctioning fic

Donating $25 for a 10k fic. I'll PM you to discuss details :)

Tryslora Auctioning Fic

I write for Teen Wolf and Harry Potter. Please see below for what I will and will not write.

I am offering three fics, but only one of each (minimum) length.

ONE 10,000 word fic for $25
ONE 25,000 word fic for $75
ONE 50,000 word fic for $200

You can check my AO3 for an idea of what I will and will not write with respect to pairings in both fandoms. The quick version is that I prefer to write the Trio era or next generation in HP, and I prefer to write Sterek, Halemore, Stackson, and similar pairings and trioings for that generation in Teen Wolf. I'm big into rare pairs, so seriously, check the AO3 to see if I've written it, and if not, feel free to ask about it--I'll be honest whether I could do it or not.

I will not write explicit stories with characters under the age of 17 or featuring characters portrayed by actors currently under the age of 18. If you are requesting a rating above PG-13 or R, please have an age statement available.

If you have any questions about specifics (like, I'm not great at fluff, but I'm wonderful with angst, or anything I will or won't write), please feel free to ask.

Re: Tryslora Auctioning Fic

So I totally donated and would LOVE a fic from you.... you KNOW what sort of things I like XD

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I write mostly Harry Potter, but I am open to writing anything that I'm familiar with. My favourites are At Swim Two Boys, A Separate Peace, Flowers in the Attic, any John Green novel and any David Levithan novel. I read a lot of Young Adult (het, slash, and femeslash) and gay male fiction, so if you have a book you love in those categories, ask me. (I might just read it so that I can write for you.)

I write slash, femeslash, and het. I'll write any pairing you want (even Harry/Ginny for this; which might be the only time I'll ever offer this). I mostly write fluffly romance and can do sweet sex scenes, but I'm not into the hardcore kinks and probably won't do a good job with them. I have no problem with dirty wrong sex because of incest or age differences or even under aged as long as the characters have hit puberty. Not a fan of bestiality or creature sex.

I know that a lot of people want to help with things like this (like me), but don't have much to spare. So I'm offering a range of options with low amounts (because every little bit helps), and I'm not putting a limit on how many I'm willing to write (just be patient with me as I write them).

$1 = 100 words
$5 = 500 words
$10 = 1k
$15 = 5k
$25 = 10k

Honestly, my best writing tends to hit those word counts. For longer stories I'll need three or four story lines going on to make the word count not be just padding, so keep that in mind with prompts.

$37 = 15k
$50 = 20k
$75 = 30k
$100 = 40k
$125 = 50k


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(Deleted comment)

citrus_lime Auctioning Art

Offering black/white (or other monochrome colors) artwork with shading. examples

Chibi per character : 8 USD
Non-chibi per character : 18 USD
Rated R and above will cost an additional 10 USD

My fandoms: Harry Potter, BBC Sherlock (minor: Avengers-movie, X-Men, Tolkien universe, and a bajillion others)
also: anime and manga, some games, feel free to discuss other fandom as well, I might be a very-minor-residence in it too!

Will do: het, slash, femslash, etc
Won't do: extreme kinks such as scat. Infidelity, incest in most ships (I don't mind Thranduil/Legolas though), body horror, bestiality.

Offering one art at the time. After I finish that one, might accept more. :) Pimping is very welcomed!

Re: citrus_lime Auctioning Art

Oooh, I'd love a chibi art, please. If there's any way I could ask for two separate ones? First, a chibi Thranduil. And then possibly a chibi dragon from Harry Potter(if not, then chibi Severus)? I'll put $25 in the fund, just to make it a good donation.

mayfly auctioning art

OK, this is a bad time for me too, as I have also been forced by events to move out of my house and am in the process of moving. As such anyone requesting art from me has to be willing to wait, because at the moment all my materials are boxed up and I don't even have a desk in my new room. I am also broke, so while I do traditional art, I can't afford to post to the US (only to the UK), so you will be getting a digital version. Unless you are willing to give me the postage price.

I am pretty willing to draw any fandom, even one I'm not in, if I have enough details to find a reference photo to help me. I will also draw original art.

Quick comic/sketch : $10
One character : $25
Two characters: $35
NC-17 stuff: $60

examples of my watercolour art:
examples of my colour ink art:
examples of my b/w ink art:
example comic sketch:

Art auction - sylvaticginger

This is an offer to draw graphite or colored pencil (examples)

I can do HP (graphite or colored pencil) or original (graphite only, if I have a photo ref). No extreme kinks, and one picture at the time. Size A5.

10 USD/figure, 10 USD for background. NC-17 +10 USD

email: sylvaticginger [ att ] gmail [ dot ] com

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Re: Art auction - sylvaticginger

I've sent you two mails. You'll see. Oh, and I'm off kb now.

Starduchess auctioning Podfic

I will podfic anything you wish, so long as we can obtain author permission. Any fandom, any pairing, any kink, any rating. I have no squicks. You can find all my previous works here.

$1 per minute up to 20 minutes (about 3000 words)
$25 for 20-40 minutes (about 7000 words)
$50 for 40-60 minutes (10,000 words)
$75 for 60-90 minutes (15,000 words)
$100 for 90-120 minutes (20,000 words)


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Re: Starduchess auctioning Podfic

So, uh, how would you feel about doing three short fics whose wordcounts add up to around 2100? 'Cuz I've written a few that I'd like to hear podficced and would be willing to donate $25 for the three of them. (It's my own work, so permission is definitely a go.) I can go up from that a little as well, since I'm not sure about the difficulty involved in making three podfics rather than one.

Um, I don't feel quite up to comissions atm, but I'm willing to send out my existing fanart in the mail if anyone's interested in having the originals. Is that a weird thing to do?

If you donate 30 USD to chibitoaster, I'll send you a drawing of mine. My masterlist is here. It's not quite up to date, but I'll try to do that asap. Otherwise everything is on my art tag.

I won't send out anything from before "Young Adult Friction" plus my Smoochfest entries, because they were done on really bad quality paper. And obviously anything digital, coloured digitally or with added text won't work for this. Also, not my art for gift exchanges. Anything else is up for grabs :)

(Deleted comment)
Yes, totally! I mean, that one is basically yours anyway :)
Oh, I was very unsure about which price to put, is 30 too much do you think? I feel so weird pricing my art, but it's for a good cause, so. I'm happy the more donations C gets of course, but I saw you've already donated almost enough, so I'll totally accept if you just add the amount that's missing.

-Taking kink meme style prompts (or actual kink meme prompts themselves) for any pairing in any fandom I'm in: Merlin / The Vampire Diaries / The Originals / The Borgias / The Musketeers / Game of Thrones / Dracula (NBC) / Doctor Who (2005) / feel free to ask about other fandoms or check out my fandoms list at AO3 or my pinboard of prompts I've already gathered.

-Will do almost any kink. Underage/Noncon is dependent on the pairing and prompt. Only thing I can't do is scat.

-I won't charge by length since simple pwp fics of mine can end up north of 10k. I'll just say $10 per prompt.

-No going to put a limit on how many I'll offer but please bear in mind I have to work IRL. The plottier the prompt, the longer it will take.

Wishing chibitoaster all the best <3

Re: agirlnamedtruth for fic

I totally want to claim a prompt from you if I can? ♥

teas_me offering knitting

I can make a handful of things (hats, scarves, wrist warmers, leg warmers, socks...) I mostly like working with wool and other animal fibers, but am not opposed to working with acrylic yarn. If you're interested in taking a look at some of the things I've created, you can check out my knitting facebook page at Knit's Awesome.

Please keep in mind that I'm currently full-time in nursing school, and it will take some time to get projects done. BUT I WILL DO THEM!

Socks $25
Hat $20
Wrist Warmers $25
Leg Warmers $30
Scarf $35

Larger projects, such as wraps, shawls, blankets, are negotiable. Please contact me for details!!!

Re: teas_me offering knitting

Would your bacon and eggs scarf be considered a regular scarf or is there more to that one that would make it a larger project? :D

Tryslora Art - Hermione/Cho

I can't do prompts right now because I can never guarantee what my fingers will agree to, artwise. However, if you would like to claim the original of this piece which is my Hermione/Cho piece in the library, please donate $20 USD and it can be yours. The original is done in ink and two different kinds of Derwent watercolor pencils (with water applied). There is a slight curve to the piece which would be fixed by proper matting and framing (not included). It is approximately 8" x 5 1/2", although that's from memory so I might be slightly off.

If you live outside of the US I may ask for help to defray the mailing costs if they are very high.

snapesgirl62 offering fic or handknits

I am offering your choice of Harry Potter fanfic or a hand knit item.
5K words $5
10K words $10
I specialize in rare pairs or Severus/most anyone his age.

For examples of my knitting, look here

Wash cloth sets: $10
Hats $15
Wraps $50

Two character pencil sketch : $25

The only things I won't draw is chan(meaning under 16)and scat, other than that, it's all good.

Since I'm in the midst of fest time, please allow 1-2 weeks for completion of piece. If you want the actual art itself, please contact me privately since shipping/materials will be extra. I'd love to be able to offer it sans charge, but my own family is rather tight on funds at the moment so I can't cover shipping on my own.

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