A General Guideline of Rules
First off I want to say how sorry I am that this has taken so long, but RL crisis happens but I am here (sort of, off and on) and have come with a general guideline of "rules"

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Fandoms Unite for Chibitoaster
This thread will be for chibitoaster

The gofundme for chibitoaster.

How this will work:

Artists/Podficcers/Authors/Crafters/Anyone who is willing to give will post a comment detailing what they will auction off for chibitoaster. All those auctioning will set their prices for the works they are willing to offer.

For example:

Podficcers might charge to podfic a fic for fifty-cents an minute of a completed podfic.
Artists might charge a minimum of 5 dollar for their hour.
Authors might charge a dollar a word.
So on and so forth.

I'm not about to tell you what your price should be, nor am I telling anyone they have to bid. And later the details can be more finely tuned, but this is an urgent matter for chibitoaster and the faster we begin the faster we can save her. For the next fan I will have this a little more sorted.

All negotiations for the works being auctioned are the responsibility of the one auctioning their work and of the one buying the work. The mods of this comm are not here to oppress the comm with copious amounts of rules. Donations must be given to the go fund me link please don't donate anonymously so that the person creating your work will know that you have indeed paid. This is to benefit a person in need.

We will create a collection on AO3 for those who wish to share their works for everyone to see/read/hear/etc., and in the notes we only ask that you put who the charity benefited into the notes and even that is not a requirement. Mostly, this struck me and I thought I need to help this person. We are not powerless, as fans, and if we can help one of our own I feel we should.


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